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EuroprivacyTM/® main website

The Europrivacy main website presents Europrivacy certification scheme on personal data protection certification that was developed throughthe European research programmeto certify the conformity of data processing activities with the European General data Protection regulation (GDPR) and complementary data protection regulations. europrivacy.com

Europrivacy Academy

The Europrivacy online Academy enables experts and dataprotection officers to learn how to apply the Europrivacy certification scheme rules and procedures.It enables them to demonstrate their understanding of Europrivacy by obtaining an online qualification as Europrivacy Implementer or Auditor. academy.europrivacy.com

Europrivacy Resources and Community website

The Europrivacy Resources and Community website enables professional Europrivacy implementers and auditors to access a whole set of online tools and collaborative platform. community.europrivacy.com

Historic www.europrivacy.info

BlogThe historic europrivacy.info blog developed by Clusit is kept alive by the European Centre for Certification and Privacyand is accessible there: blog.europrivacy.info

EuroprivacyTM/® is a certification scheme and related services on data protection conformity that was developed through the Horizon 2020 European research programmeand which is managed by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy.

The europrivacy.info domain name was initially used by Clusit community to host a blog project on ICT compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The domain name was later transferred to support the Europrivacy community of experts in data protection engaged in the Europrivacy certification scheme on GDPR conformity. The new webpage is managed by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy and Mandat International.